Reviews of the book Portraits by Damien Lovegrove

“It's very rare to find such an excellent photographer who is willing to share his secrets with others, it really adds value to an already excellent book. My personal likes were the simple but effective lighting techniques that Damien has evolved over his many years at the BBC. The icing on the cake is that I shall read this ebook many times, hoping to master some of the excellent techniques incorporated within.

Thank you Damien.” - Michael

“Thank you for sharing your craft. I bought your two ebooks, great information and answers all the questions, as well. The format of the ebooks were also very easy to navigate, read, etc well done… I realize it must take an enormous amount of time and energy from you (+/-team) and I as many others appreciate it.” - Thomas

“Between Damien Lovegrove's two ebooks you get a virtual internship with him. Don’t walk away from either of these!” - Matt Brandon

“Great collection of photos, you are truly a master photographer.” - John

“Quite amazing, beautiful layout and stunning content. Obviously a labour of love.” - Christopher

“Lovegrove’s greatness and mastery lies in the fact that he is so good at understanding light, shadow and composition. Working with him was something of a surreal experience.” - Yulia

“What I found refreshing is the willingness to share all aspects of the whole thought process behind each shot. From the reasoning for camera setup, the lighting positions, pose and then even looking at the effects that those settings brought to the image.” - Ian

“The Portrait and Fuji E-Books are awesome, I'm so pleased I purchased them!” - Gordon

“The book is terrific. Clear and concise. Just what I needed.” - Simon

“Damien, your ebook 'Portraits' is, IMHO, an absolute masterpiece! I just love every page of it! I REALLY appreciate your decision to put the Exif data for every single picture and despite the fact that I'll never want or rather can't recreate the images, it gives me a direction to aim for! So once again, THANK YOU! :)” - Jaak

“Everything a good book should be in my opinion: informative, engaging, beautifully put together, beautiful to look at, inspirational as well as aspirational. It is a joy from start to finish and obviously a labour of love(grove;) for you. Easy recommendation from me” - Will Guthrie

“The lighting, the poses, the inspiration and the pure joy looking at these beautiful images, I will treasure this book forever. Thank you Damien.” - Tina Chatfield-Keller

“He never fails to deliver. Excellent.” - Chris

“Wooow, Damien, this is huge! I feel very proud to be a part of this book.” - Rina Bambina

“Having just downloaded both books and only had a browse, I can assure any future purchasers that this is the ultimate fuji guide to cameras, lenses and so much more. The imaging alone is worth the purchase price! Damien explains how each image was created, detailing camera, lighting, pose and many other technical details to boot. Many thanks Damien, for my new 'go to' guides.” - Mark

“I picked up both books at the deal price and, having only had time to do a quick flip of the main book and read the first chapter of the Fuji guide, I can say not only is it worth the wait but also well worth the money. Thanks Damien :)” - Peter

“I have flicked through some of the book and so far I am delighted! The images are incredible and the thoughts behind each image perfect.” - Sharron

“Love your new E-Books. They have really supported me in understanding my Fuji Cameras a great deal. I am so looking forward to studying with you soon.” - Mike

“I downloaded this at the end of last week! Absolutely love it!” - Nikki

“Bought the two of them, I haven't put them down yet, great, a must buy.” - Wayne

“Such a great book, crammed full of a lifetime of experience, imagination, and invaluable technical details! Really lovely, and thoroughly recommended." - Adrian

“If you're interested in portraiture or just hoping to pick up a few pointers on posing or lighting you need to get your hands on this e-book. Packed with useful tips and real-world experience, Damien's book will inspire you. Highly recommended.”

(The Fujifilm X System Guide)
“This is an excellent book, it covers every aspect of the Fuji X series, both cameras, and the lenses currently available. What separates this from other guides is the in-depth knowledge Damien brings to each lens. Every lens described has a comment based on experience and example shots to illustrate the points made.”

“If you're choosing a a Fuji X camera or lens and want some real word guidance this is the book you need. Highly recommended.” - Murray

“As a graphic designer I must say this is beautifully constructed. A good variation in layout which gives a new viewing experience on each page. Good stuff!” - Glendon

“Your work is incredible Damien and you are an inspiration to me and others :)” - Steve

“Why you need this book: apart from the stunning images Damien, takes you on a journey through all the elements required to create beautiful, well-crafted portraits. The language is easy to understand and, in his engaging manner, he deconstructs images so you fully grasp how they were created. You will learn the elements you need to consider to plan, light, shoot and retouch your portraits. I found the section on the studio set up helpful as it covers everything from using one light in your spare room to setting up a studio - but then the whole book gives information for photographers at all levels. I love it and haven't been able to get my nose out of it since downloading it.” - Andrea

“I've just downloaded Portraits and had a quick browse through. Absolutely fantastic. There is so much information which will help every photographer. Can't wait to get stuck into this tomorrow. Thank you :)” - Robert

“As a professional photographer with many years experience I must have read so many books on portraiture, some good, some mediocre but very few as inspiring as this, written by the most seasoned of portrait photographers. His passion for photography and the subject matter here raises this book above so many others and is highly recommended.” - Len

“Thank you for all your effort and work load that you present for viewing. I have bought your Portraits book and it is giving a beginner such as myself great inspiration and advice. Your recent photos from Tuscany are beautiful and like I mention it is this work that fires the passion to learn and attempt to achieve even a small percentage of the quality that you show.” - Michael